Q: Where did the name Compersia come from?

A: An old San Francisco based commune called Kerista coined the word “compersion” which they defined as the opposite of jealously, an empathetic joy. One of the core values of our commune is supporting each other in pursuing our goals. We consider ourselves a guild for greater awesomeness. Compersion as Kerista coined it refers to a feeling important to the practice of polyamory. We are not a polyamorous commune. Members’ relationship and sexual choices are their private business.

Q: Do you own your house?

A: As of 2018 we are renting a large house and looking at various options for expanding. When we were founded most of us lived in a house owned by one of our members but grew and moved after a year. We expect to be reconfiguring out housing situation regularly as we add members over the next several years. We would like to secure a single large building or collection of nearby buildings that we own or otherwise can live in indefinitely and are actively working towards that goal.