About Us

Founded in March of 2016, Compersia is an intentional community located in the heart of Washington, DC. More than just a residential community, we are founded on a deep commitment that through sharing we can do more. We share our labor, resources, and lives – as together we can achieve more than any of us could individually. We are inspired by the seven principles of the Federation of Egalitarian Communities, and work to implement them at Compersia.

This implementation manifests in many different ways;

  • As a community we share all of our income, with joint accounts used to take care of all of our members needs.
  • We reject the idea that market price reflects the value of labor, valuing all community-oriented labor equally, whether it’s working a salaried job, doing housework, childcare, or community organizing.
  • We are dedicated to the principles of inclusion, feminism, anti-racism, and anti-discrimination.
  • We strive to be egalitarian, and make decisions transparently and by consensus.
  • We place high value on open, respectful, genuine communication, and know that our commitment to communication underlies the health of our community.
  • We desire a healthy, productive, and sustainable world for all people.

If you resonate with these ideas then we’d love to hear from you. We call ourselves Compersia because want to live in a world of empathetic joy. Recognizing that other people’s success is our own makes a better world.  Don’t wait to change the world … join the change now!

Check out this mini-documentary that the Atlantic made about our commune soon after the founding.