We are ongoingly open to adding new members. We do not consider our membership constrained by the size of the house or houses that we are currently living in. The commune is not the house it is the relationships and agreements that exist between the members. We are currently aiming for an adult membership of 30 before we calm down.

Relationships are the foundation of our commune and our membership process is built with that understanding. The first step, as with any relationship, is to get to know each other. If we both feel intrigued and enticed then we can take another step towards each other… and another. We’ve laid out two summaries of our process in this PDF. One summary is written conversationally and the other is terse and technical. People are diverse and we want to make our process as accessible as possible:

Membership Process Summary Flyer

For the full and fully detailed Membership Policy, refer to the below PDF:

Compersia Membership Policy and Procedures

If you’re interested, please Contact Us.